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Test the Waters
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Tuesday, April 19, 2022
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Tuesday, April 18, 2023
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Tuesday, January 17, 2023
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Welcome Testing The Waters visitors.

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Offering Overview

Lost Woods LLC, a Minnesota spirits company, has developed a unique new recipe and licensed a patented process to accelerate the aging of whiskey. We are The American Single Malt Whiskey that recognizes the need to address climate change, and supports enjoyment of outdoor experiences.


1. Single Malt Whiskey usually takes at least 6 years to age, and is frequently considered 'premium' after 10 to 12 years. These lengthy production cycles require capital to be tied up for several years.

2. In the process, 20% to 50% of the product is lost due to evaporation, or 'angels share'. The longer whiskey is aged, the more that is lost.

Long cycle times, evaporation loss, plus the substantial investments needed in barrels and equipment hampers the ability of current producers to address the growing market for whiskey. It is also a barrier for new entrants to the market.

3. From a sustainability cost perspective, traditional whiskey aging uses only about 20% of the barrel wood to achieve product maturation. Further, only a few barrels can be produced with a single tree, due to the shape requirements. Barrels can be reused in the processing of other distilled or fermented beverages, but some are not. This inefficient use of natural materials creates both a long-term cost for spirits producers and environmental consequences.


We've developed a way to deliver higher product yield in a shortened timeframe. We've also crafted a recipe that produces a remarkable whiskey that can command a premium price.

Double Gold Proof

In blind taste tests against whiskeys aged up to 15 years, Lost Woods 88 was the only Single Malt Whiskey in its category to receive 30 out of 30 first place votes from judges at the 2021 San Francisco World Spirits Single Malt Whiskey Competition. Lost Woods 88 earned a Double Gold Medal.

Use of Funds

We're seeking funding up to $1 Million to expand production, purchase additional equipment, hire staff, and implement marketing and sales activities, to meet current and future customer demand for product.

Breakeven and Revenue

Cashflow -> 9-10 months after start of production.

Gross Profit ->  $1 Million after 24 months, and $1.5 Million after 30 months.


Lost Woods is currently entering into a $1 million funding round through a simple agreement for future equity (SAFE) method. Funders can participate in this SAFE round with a minimum investment of $2.5K.


Funders will be able to realize a 15% discount on securities once they are offered.

An inaugural batch of 88 bottles will be sold as collector series with a special label, and signed by our founder and recipe developer. An individual NFT will be assigned and each bottle will be available for $888 each. Investors in our crowdfunding campaign will have the first opportunity to purchase a Lost Woods 88 collector bottle.

We invite you to support Lost Woods, LLC, The American Single Malt Whiskey for climate change and the outdoor experience.

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  2. No sales will be performed or commitments to purchase accepted until the offering statement is qualified; and
  3. A proposed purchaser’s indication of interest is non-binding.